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Medicaid is a Federal medical assistance program for the needy administered by the State of New Jersey. It covers most hospital, medical and prescription expenses.


  • General information: (609) 588-2721 Hotline: 800 356-1561
  • To apply for Medicaid, call the Mercer County Board of Social Services (609) 989-4664, 200 Woolverton St. CN01450, Trenton, NJ 08650.
  • Medicaid HMO: 800-701-0710
  • NJ Family Care 1-800-701-0710


Global Options (GO)

For those at risk of skilled nursing placement but who seek to remain at home. Extensive list of community-based, in-home services available. In 2008, must apply while in a skilled nursing or rehabilitation center. In 2009, will expand to include other home-based Medicaid waiver programs.

  • 856-787-3830 or (609) 704-6050
  • NJ State hotline 877 856-0877

Medicaid for Institutionalization (Nursing Homes)

To qualify for nursing home benefits an applicant must meet not only financial criteria, but also medical necessity requirements. Each of these eligibility processes is complex and must be evaluated according to the applicant's individual circumstances.

  • Eligibility: 65 or older, blind, disabled.
  • Mercer County: (609) 989-4664
  • Middlesex County: (732) 745-3500
  • Monmouth County: (732) 431-6000
  • Somerset County: (908) 526-8800

Medically Needy Medicaid

Program provides some medical benefits for needy individuals who may not be able to afford health care services but have income or assets too high to qualify for regular Medicaid program. It allows the individual to spend down outstanding medical bills. It does not provide full Medicaid coverage.

  • Services: Home health aides, eyeglasses, hearing aids, doctor, dentist, clinics, transportation, medical day care. Not full Medicaid.
  • Eligibility: 65 or older, blind, disabled, child under 21, or pregnant
  • Income Eligibility: Contact Board of Social Services.
  • (609) 989-4664

The Princeton Senior Resource Center does not endorse any of the resources listed on these pages. We collect and provide information from many sources as a service to those seeking services in the Princeton area. No listed provider pays to be in our directory.

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