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Strategic Plan

Princeton Senior Resource Center

Strategic Plan 2011-14


PSRC (The Princeton Senior Resource Center) has accomplished substantially all of the goals established in the 2007 strategic plan.  The Board began the strategic planning process again in 2010 by surveying the community (both those who do and do not come in), reviewing demographic data, interviewing key stakeholders, conducting consultant-led discussions at board meetings and culminating in a retreat with board and management staff. 


The core strategic issues identified at the beginning were:  Whom do we want to serve? How do we meet the needs of diverse aging populations? Does PSRC provide a wide range of physical, educational, and social programs as well as support services to meet varied needs?  Are there sufficient resources to provide quality programs and services?  How can we creatively address challenges of limited space and parking?  How can we make the most of available technology?  What current and future trends in aging and the community do we need to anticipate and respond to?  If we grow, should it be for greater depth of existing services or breadth of what is offered? 


The Board affirmed that it wants PSRC to move forward as an organization, ensure adequate resources for new and continuing work, increase visibility in the community and enhance PSRC’s reputation, and to explore expansion through collaborations.


Mission:  PSRC, the Princeton Senior Resource Center empowers older adults in the diverse Princeton community to make informed choices and live healthy lives.  PSRC offers affordable services, programs, and opportunities that support, educate and engage older individuals, their families and caregivers.



PSRC will be the primary resource for seniors in the wider Princeton community and their family caregivers.  It will provide support and guidance to people aging in place and navigating life transitions. 


PSRC will be a dynamic place where people gather and participate in activities that promote healthy aging toward physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual and vocational wellbeing.


PSRC will collaborate with participants and other community organizations to address needs and current concerns of older adults and their families as well as to be responsive to emerging needs in this diverse community.


There were five broad goals identified, with several strategic actions toward achieving each.  The detailed Implementation Plan is a separate document.



1.      Programs and Services: Ensure that programs and services are responsive to the needs of all seniors and are grounded in the mission of PSRC, empowering older adults in the diverse Princeton community to make informed choices and live healthy lives.


§  develop programs and services to address needs of underserved and hidden populations in the Princeton community

§  review census data and adapt programs and services to meet changing demographic and  generational needs

§  include all aspects of wellness including physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual stimulation in program planning to increase awareness, educate and involve participants

§  provide advocacy and education on community issues pertaining to seniors

§  provide increased opportunities for informal socializing and a gathering place

§  facilitate program effectiveness through evaluation

§  continue to create volunteer opportunities for participants at PSRC

§  be responsive to emerging needs and trends in the aging field

§  monitor changes in the community that create potential threats and/or opportunities

§  be aware of emerging and changing resources and technologies for both staff and participants

§  encourage intergenerational activities


2.      Staffing & Infrastructure:  Ensure appropriate staffing and the provision of sufficient facilities, equipment, systems to support Programs and Services.


§  ensure adequate staffing

§  support and encourage staff continuing education and attendance at professional gatherings that increase knowledge of new developments in the aging field

§  maximize volunteer opportunities to support the work of PSRC

§  provide sufficient and efficient technology and equipment

§  monitor and review progress on strategic goals

§  set annual priorities and goals consistent with strategic goals

§  develop long term capital improvement plan

§  assess adequacy of facilities and technology, and seek improvements where needed, explore opportunities as they emerge, and employ creative solutions

§  continue to explore collaborations and alternate location portals as an alternative to acquiring additional space

§  create a technology plan

§  review and create contracts and guidelines for partnerships and independent contractors


  1. Fiscal Resources:  Ensure stable and adequate funding for programs and services.


§  Explore making a cultural shift from “free services” to “providing strong financial base for professional services.”

§  evaluate fee for service, charging when possible in a way that is inclusive and invitational and builds awareness of cost of services

§  assess feasibility of paid or unpaid membership

§  provide adequate compensation to retain competent staff (salary and benefits)

§  determine priorities and budget for the short term and for the next five years

§  monitor economic environment for impact on PSRC

§  develop annual fundraising plan

§  broaden fundraising capacity through regular generative discussions at the board level

§  make direct connections between fundraising and programs and services offered

§  establish a planned giving program

§  increase donor cultivation

§  ensure good stewardship of resources

§  complete Human Capital Campaign


  1. Visibility and Marketing– Increase visibility and organizational positioning in community.


§  develop overall plan for institutional advancement

§  ensure consistent branding throughout all aspects of PSRC

§  expand outreach to core providers of senior services and to collaborators

§  ensure credit to PSRC when working in partnerships

§  evaluate and improve community visibility

§  employ new technologies such as social media



  1. Board Governance – Ensure effective Board functioning based on clear board responsibilities.


§  develop clear understanding of Board roles and responsibilities

§  conduct annual retreat for capacity building and board training with outside consultant

§  provide annual Board orientation

§  appoint a standing governance and nominating committee for year-round cultivation of prospective Board members

§  evaluate Board functions and set goals annually related to strategic goals

§  support functioning sub-committees

§  expand committees to include non-Board members and attract needed expertise

§  ensure that board work is informed by staff experience

§  encourage attendance at learning opportunities for board regarding roles and responsibilities and industry trends.


Strategic Planning Committee:

Katherine Pinneo, Chairperson

Ruth Broznan

Lynne Hirayama

Carol S. Horowitz

Eric Robert Lear

William P. Isele

Jack Tomlinson


Ex Officio:

Dave Saltzman, President of the Board

Susan Hoskins, Executive Director



Gretchen Castle



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