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Strategic Plan



2014 Strategic Plan

This document is the result of evaluation of the 2010 Strategic Plan, CCAT survey, census, staff, participant and board input, and current resources.  It is clear that PSRC has grown significantly over the past decade.  We have used many creative strategies for growing within the confines of our resources, but it seems that this is the time to expand.  We have had a couple good years financially, both in operations and endowment. The organization is stable and has established a solid reputation.  In order to realize our vision, we need to develop our resources.

Mission:  PSRC, the Princeton Senior Resource Center empowers older adults in the diverse Princeton community to make informed choices and live healthy lives.  PSRC offers affordable services, programs, and opportunities that support, educate and engage older individuals and family caregivers.


PSRC will be the primary resource for seniors in the wider Princeton community and their family caregivers.  It will provide support and guidance to people aging in place and navigating life transitions. 

PSRC will be a dynamic, welcoming place where people gather and participate in activities that promote healthy aging toward physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual and vocational wellbeing.

PSRC will collaborate with participants and other community organizations to address needs and current concerns of older adults and their families as well as to be responsive to emerging needs in this diverse community.


·         To provide an array of programs that appeal to our diverse population: income, education, interests

·         To include programs that promote physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual well-being and give purpose

·         To be responsive to new initiatives from participants and staff

·         To provide information and support to people who have aging concerns

·         To be responsive to different needs and attitudes about aging for people age 55-100+ (three generations)

·         To create communities of support



1.       PSRC needs space

A decade ago it was not clear what Boomers would want from senior services. It is now clear that they will come to a community/resource center for the right activities.  It is clearer now that lifelong learning, opportunities for social interaction, engaging in purposeful volunteering, wellness activities, and caregiver support are all in demand for this generation, as well as those who are older.

Recommendations:  Explore the viability of a capital campaign to add a social gathering space, new reception area, kitchen, and improved bathrooms to the Suzanne Patterson Building.  This would enable some current space to become additional office space.   Continue to maximize use of Monument Hall.  Look for daytime rental space where several classes could run, creating a satellite space.

2.       PSRC needs to retain great staff. 

Staff are the heart and soul of PSRC. They set the warm, friendly tone of welcome and support.  Staff need to feel appreciated and adequately compensated for high retention.  All of the staff are working at or beyond capacity.  We need more staff.

Recommendations: Strengthen the current management team model.  Improve compensation for managers as they assume more responsibility.  Evaluate current staff positions and consider re-organizing.  Add staff and/or staff hours where needed.  Use staff transitions strategically toward a new model for a larger organization. Support staff professional development.

3.       PSRC needs to continue to grow to meet demand. 

Evergreen Forum classes are predicted to continue to grow.  Next Step programs are also growing as Boomers retire.   Each generation has its own expectations and needs which we need to be sensitive to, while preserving the sense of being active, welcoming and respectful.  The demand for Partners In Caring (support services) will also continue to grow as more people learn of our services.

 Recommendations: Expand Evergreen Forum.  Begin to consider a dedicated staff person and renting space.   Expand programs that are successful and meet a need.  Continuously examine programs that are not growing to determine if they need help or to be discontinued to make room for other programs.  Get feedback from participants.  Explore new options as they present themselves. 

4.       PSRC needs to be known and respected in the community. 

Reputation and fundraising rely on being known and respected.  Branding and marketing strategies must be reviewed periodically.

Recommendations:  Engage a marketing consultant (board, volunteer or paid) to evaluate our current marketing strategies and outline a plan that we can follow for the next 2-5 years. Include newsletter, social media and website.  Build relationships with area businesses for collaboration, volunteers, support.  Encourage all participants to be ambassadors to increase community awareness of services offered.  Ensure that all participants know of the range of services offered.  Ensure that we sustain quality and our friendly, person-centered values as we grow. 

5.       PSRC needs technology that supports our work.   

Technology is evolving rapidly. Chosen carefully, it can support our work.

Recommendations:  Implement the new database, give adequate training to staff, clean up old data, explore ways to build on the foundation.  Clean up other technology practices: backup, sharing, passwords, processes.  Create a technology plan including replacement schedule.

6.       PSRC needs to implement best practices for business, including succession planning for key positions, cross-training and having procedure manuals for all operations, as well as board governance.

Recommendations:  Complete cross-training and procedure manuals.  Create succession plans for emergency and planned transitions.  Review policy manuals and board governance practices.

7.       PSRC needs to be financially sound. 

We need steady, reliable, diverse and adequate sources of income to sustain dynamic growth.

Recommendations: Create a solid 5 year development plan.  Build the Endowment and Legacy programs, strengthen relationships with corporate and individual donors.  Explore new foundation and grant funding opportunities.  Expand donor development efforts.

 Approved August 12, 2014









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