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What is GrandPals?

GrandPals is an intergenerational educational program connecting Princeton School children with older adults. The program’s goals are to foster positive intergenerational relationships and to create a life-long love of reading and learning in our young children. GrandPals offers an opportunity for these older adults to share their experience, skills, and interests. Teachers value this program because it gives the children a calm period during their busy day to listen to fascinating stories, get their questions answered, and relate to an older adult. Many children do not have grandparents nearby. GrandPals is a wonderful opportunity for several generations to meet and get to know one another: the GrandPals, the teachers, and the children.

The GrandPal program is a joint program between the Princeton Schools and the Princeton Senior Resource Center. This program of reading to kindergartners started in 1997 at Littlebrook School. Riverside School adopted the program in 2006.  We have now expanded to Community Park and Johnson Park Schools. 

Approximately 100 GrandPals, ages 47 to 92, read once a week to kindergarten children at Littlebrook, Riverside Schools, and Johnson Park Schools. At Community Park, we read to kindergartners, first, and second graders.There are 14 thirty to forty minute sessions for the volunteer to choose from. The entire class is brought to the school library, where one or two children are paired with a GrandPal. The volunteer will read with the same children each week. Eight to ten GrandPals will be reading at each session. We ask for a commitment to at least one of the sessions for the entire school year. However, it is understood that many of the volunteers travel and may have other emergencies, so occasional absences are expected. We provide a substitute GrandPal or pair the children with other GrandPals for that session.

Could I be a GrandPal?

We need many GrandPals to read to the approximately 300 children each week. If you love reading and talking with young children, please contact us.

To volunteer with our program, please call the GrandPal Director,Olivian Boon, at 609-924-7108 or e-mail at We will arrange an interview and discuss where you might best fit as part of this exciting program. 

"It has been the best year ever with our GrandPals! The kindergarten teachers and I agree that the program is one of the most outstanding and memorable experiences our children have during their first year of school." Kathy Patten, school Principal

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