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What is the LINK Program

LINK: Local Intergenerational Network of Kindness

LINK is a volunteer support program that places high school students with elderly or disabled Princeton residents. Students visit one to two hours each week, providing friendship across the generations, learning from their elder friends. Students may read aloud if their elder friend is vision impaired, help with paperwork, or assist with short walks when the weather is nice.

Why is LINK important?

LINK participants find creative ways to enjoy and learn from each other. Some elders have taught their LINK students to sew or knit, others to do wood carving. Students for whom English is a second language improve their English by playing Scrabble with their LINK friend. The intergenerational friendships forged between student and elder are mutually enriching and may last for many years. LINK also provides Princeton Borough and Township with a cost-effective community service since the program is free and elders are often able to live independently a bit longer with the help and friendship they receive.

How do I become a LINK participant?

Any person over 60 years of age who lives in Princeton Borough or Township is eligible for this free service. The program also serves disabled Princeton residents of any age. If you are interested in having someone visit you or someone you know, call the LINK Director at (609)252-2362.

How do I become a LINK volunteer?

Any student attending a Princeton area high school or home schooled may participate in the program. Students are screened and trained by the LINK Director. Student applicants and participants complete a questionnaire about background, interests and previous experience so that appropriate matches can be made between volunteers and participants. The Director accompanies each volunteer on the first visit and provides ongoing support and oversight. Call the LINK Director at 252-2362.

"I am really looking forward to having someone to share the things I am writing with, and to read her poetry too."

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