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Care Coordination

Partners in Caring Princeton

Care Coordination or  services are available to residents of Princeton and the immediate area.  PSRC’s Care Coordinators are Human Services and Master’s degree professionals who specialize in Senior Services.They can provide individual and family consultations and brief counseling to aid in care planning and navigating transitions. The Care Coordinator can help people learn about the array of local services and link them to area resources. The Care Coordinator can meet with the individual, couple and family in the home or the office to do an assessment of needs and resources. The goal of this program is to help people remain independent in their own homes with dignity and self-determination for as long as possible, and to assist them in navigating any transitions that may arise.

What Can a Care Coordinator Do For Me?

  • Figure out where to start when your needs increase
  • Find out if you are eligible for public benefits
  • Start “the conversation” with your parents or adult children
  • Understand different types of residential care and help to determine what is right for you
  • Connect you to meals, transportation, home care and other services so you can remain at home
  • Find someone to help with your paperwork and other services
  • And more…

For some people a single meeting is sufficient while others appreciate a regular connection that could include attending support groups.


“I felt completely overwhelmed when my wife got out of the hospital. There were so  many appointments and services to set up. I didn’t know where to start. You helped me get everything in place so she could be at home. It really helps to know you are there when we need something.”  

“I was doing fine on my own until I stopped driving. Thanks for telling me about the transportation services and connecting me with this wonderful shopping volunteer.”

“None of my siblings live near Princeton.  Knowing that you check in with Mom has given us peace of mind. You have helped us discuss issues we hadn’t even thought of before meeting with you.  Now we are confident she has a good plan and we know we can talk with you again if things change.”

“Thank you for a very helpful conversation this morning. Your wonderful listening, your compassion and understanding and the guidance on how to proceed…were all very much appreciated. J and I are in a place now that we never knew existed. I am so grateful to know that you are there as we cope through a future we cannot predict.” 

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