Saturday, March 9, 5:00 p.m.
at the Suzanne Patterson Building
Performance followed by Q&A

Tickets $20 each. Online, call 609.751.9699, or purchase in person at the Suzanne Patterson Building.

On stage at PSRC — Diane Barnes, physician-turned-solo performer, recounts her experience of having a stroke, her path to recovery, and more in My Stroke of Luck on Saturday, March 9 at 5:00 p.m. in the Suzanne Patterson Building. This Yale-trained radiologist shares a spellbinding and funny look at love, family, and seemingly unsurmountable obstacles.

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“compelling…a heartening illustration of Barnes’ sentiment, savvy, and survival skills.”
—San Francisco Examiner

“A very honest, thoughtful, & insightful dramatic solo performance by a busy single mother/M.D. who can’t believe she has suffered a possible stroke. Very entertaining & informative, she will discuss distressing clinical signs that she tried to ignore but the audience should not! A must see!”
—Clifford Young’s review (5 stars)

“Diane Barnes is a terrific performer. The story of her stroke is not only compelling, but also informative and uplifting. The dual threads of a doctor muscling through her symptoms, in spite of knowing what was happening, and the mother pushing to be responsible for her sons worked to make this solo performance thrilling.”
—5 star review

“Really brilliant and poignant. An amazing glimpse of what a stroke patient goes through and what happens after they leave the hospital. It was witty, funny, emotional, intense, powerful. What a journey she makes. I highly recommend this one-woman show! Diane Barnes is incredible!”
—Ingrid Lim’s review (5 star review)

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