You are the first person who explained Medicare plans in a way I understand. Now I can feel confident in picking what is right for my Mom.

Partners In Caring

PIC Princeton is a program designed to help older adults and families learn about and access area resources that can help them manage their changing lives. We’re here for you and your family!

We can help you:

• Figure out what help you need and where to find it

• Create a plan of action

• Find someone to help with your paperwork or other service

• Find out if you are eligible for public benefits

• Start “the conversation” with your parents or adult children

• Understand what is covered by Medicare

• Understand different types of care and decide what is right for you

• Connect you to meals, transportation, home care, and other services so you can remain at home

• Support you through a life transition

And more…

Who can enroll?

PIC Princeton is designed to assist people who live in Princeton — and nearby communities — who seek support as they navigate the complex array of health and social services.

How does it work?

PSRC professional staff will meet with you in our office or your home to understand your needs and situation. We will help you create a plan of action to meet those needs. This may involve one or a series of meetings.

Are there fees?

PIC Princeton services are free. However, PSRC is a nonprofit organization, relying on fees, grants, and donations. Your contribution enables us to continue to offer these services to everyone in the community.

Is PIC Princeton right for me?

PIC Princeton provides guidance and support when you or your family need help navigating the maze of resources and life transitions. We focus on assessment and linkage to services that will reduce risk and help you live independently as long as possible, keeping you at the center of the action plan.

If your assessment indicates that you need a higher level of care, we will connect you with appropriate providers.

Services include:

• Linkage to community resources

• Individual and family consultations

• Support Groups

• Education

• Volunteer Visitors

• Assistance with care planning

• Advocacy

• Assistance with benefit applications

Call 609.751.9699 for more information.

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