PSRC Tech Resources

While the PSRC remains closed, the Technology Lab will continue to serve our clients. Our dedicated volunteers are available to help you. Please follow this process:

  • Your request will be forwarded to someone who can help you. Please provide your contact number and details of your question in your request.
  • One of our volunteers will contact you to answer your questions by email or to set up an appointment with you.
  • Our volunteers will use Zoom for most appointments — and they will walk you through how to use Zoom before you start! Zoom is meeting software that allows the volunteer and you to see each other and for you to show your desktop to the volunteer.

Note that all help will be by Zoom, phone, or email. DO NOT come to PSRC.

Zoom Step-by-Step Instructions:

PC, Laptop, Desktop — If you are installing Zoom on a PC — laptop or desktop — please click HERE for instructions.

Mac Laptop or Desktop — If you are installing Zoom on a Mac — laptop or desktop — please click HERE for instructions.

iPad, iPhone, or Android Tablet — If you are installing Zoom on an iPad or iPhone or Android tablet — please click HERE for instructions.

Zoom Tutorial — For an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to join a Zoom meeting, please click HERE.

Key Tips for Zoom Meetings:

  • Click the Zoom link in the invitation to familiarize yourself with the controls. This link is located under the Join Zoom Meeting heading in the invitation.
  • If you have trouble with audio or video on Zoom, please do not give up! You can always use the conference call option in the invitation. “Dialing In” is not ideal, but it will still help you stay connected.
  • Try to remember to mute your microphone when you are not speaking — and “un-mute” yourself when you’d like to speak. This will cut down on the interference and background noise.
  • Use the chat feature to ask questions and connect with others.
  • When possible, good Zoom etiquette calls for you to use video. The power of this technology is the ability to “see” one another and promote connection. Unless there is a compelling reason to not use video (beyond, “I’m having a bad hair day”), please be sure to click “start video.”

Remember — our tech team is here to help — fill out your request HERE or email and provide your name, contact telephone, and nature of your question.

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