Covid-19 Protocol for Building Rentals

In keeping with the CDC guidance for building safety, we are employing a “layered” approach to reduce exposure. This approach includes, MERV-13 filters in the HVAC system, air purifiers in each space, open windows and exterior doors as possible, physical distancing when possible, hand hygiene, and encouraged vaccination.

  • All participants from your group will be required to sign a one-time participation waiver
  • All participants from your group will be required to complete a simple health questionnaire each day of participation (If a person answers “yes” to any question, they may not enter the building nor participate in the activity)
  • All forms must be collected prior to an individual’s participation and provided to PSRC by the rental group on a weekly basis

As of July 6, our mask policy will be as follows:

  • Individuals who wish to provide proof of vaccination prior to participation are not required to wear a mask in the building
  • Individuals who do not wish to share their vaccination status — or who have not been vaccinated — are required to wear a mask at all times

We require that all rental groups follow this policy as a minimum standard. You may choose to require your own organizational waiver agreement for your participants, but the PSRC waiver must still be completed by each person participating in your event. It is incumbent upon each group to maintain accurate records of participants in your activity and to communicate with your participants about any exposure to Covid-19 that affected an individual who was present during your event. If an exposure affected a participant who was present during your event, we require you to notify the PSRC office and the Princeton Health Department immediately.

Any questions about these Rules and Conditions please contact the Program Administrator, Beth Weiskopf at

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