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Dear Friends,

“Time to breathe.” The pulsating tone on my Apple watch nudged me as it has done several times a day for the last few years. This time, however, it triggered an emotional response that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Tears began to well in my eyes as I thought about George Floyd’s last words: “I can’t breathe!”

At the Princeton Senior Resource Center, we are deeply cognizant of the weariness and exhaustion of the elders in the black community who have trod stony roads of protest, prayer, and perseverance yet continue to see the brutal realities of racism and white supremacy in our nation. We see you. We hear you. We stand with you.

We grieve alongside the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and their families. We grieve for every black and brown person whose name has become synonymous with a #hashtag. We grieve for the countless others whose names the world has never heard — but whose families bear the same burden of pain and loss.

We are also keenly aware of the reality of white privilege that affords economic, educational, and vocational advantages to whites in our country — not to mention the ability to drive on the highway, walk through a store, or jog in our neighborhoods without the fear of clutched purses, sideways glances, or even brutal violence simply based on skin color.

The Princeton Senior Resource Center grieves alongside the Floyd, Taylor, Arbery, and McDade families along with countless others whose loved ones have fallen victim to the pandemic of racism plaguing our country. We stand in solidarity and support alongside of our black and brown neighbors in their sadness and rage who are demanding justice and systemic change. We stand collectively against the institutional racism and white supremacy that has become a public health crisis in this country. With other community partners, we will continue to work for a just and equitable society that ensures that all black lives matter. Further, we commit ourselves as an organization to deep introspection and assessment, epistemic humility and learning, and standards of care for all people as we strive towards a better society.

We invite you to join us not simply in the journey of being “non-racist,” but in the active pursuit of justice and “anti-racist” action steps. We are grateful for the United Way of King County in Seattle, WA for providing this exceptional list of resources for those committed to the work of anti-racism.


On a personal note, I wake up every morning aware of my own white privilege, while at the same time deeply fearful for my two young adult black sons, Timothy and William. A recent college graduate and a rising college senior. A hospital registrar — a “healthcare hero” and a volunteer firefighter. A church trustee and a personal trainer. As their dad, I carry in part the pain that they are bearing, and the fear that they are embodying.

Timothy, the oldest of my four children, gave me permission to share these words that he shared with me through his tears the night the tape of George Floyd’s murder was released: “I just want people to see me…to see that I am a man with dreams and aspirations…to look me in my eyes and see the man I am…I want to know I have a future…but I am afraid…I graduated college a few days ago and I want to trust that I have a future…but all I feel right now is hopeless because anyone can take it all away just because they don’t like my blackness.”

Now is the time for us to listen. Now is the time for us to learn. Now is the time for us to unite together to demand change. At the Princeton Senior Resource Center, we are committed to walking this journey for justice. Will you join us?


All the Best,
Drew Dyson

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