“Community Without Walls has been a rich resource for us — a place to find new friends, deepen ongoing friendships, share ideas, give and receive support, have fun, and experience many and varied aspects of community life. It’s a pleasure to be a CWW member!”

The mission of Community Without Walls is to enhance the ability of members to age well and to be able to make choices that will permit us to “age in place,” preferably in our own homes or, if changing personal circumstances dictate, in other residential settings. In furthering this goal, CWW engages in activities that include social support, education, and advocacy.

CWW was founded in 1992 by four friends living in Princeton, NJ, whose combined personal and professional experience with their aging parents, social work clients, and research, indicated that continuing social support is a key component of aging well. In the absence of an established model to guide them, they developed the concept of a “community without walls” to contrast it from the then-existing senior residences with walls, often the only next stop for aging individuals without adequate support to enable them to remain in their homes and communities.

CWW became a membership organization of individuals dedicated to pursuing mutually supportive activities to enhance members’ ability to grow older in their own homes and communities, for as long as possible, successfully and with dignity. This concept clearly filled a need, and from an initial small group of founding members, the organization has grown to include more than 350 members who live in four Central New Jersey counties. Over the years CWW and its members have had a significant impact on the communities in which we live by serving as a catalyst for increased options for care management, senior housing, transportation, and lifelong education. This was accomplished through personal involvement, educational conferences open to all, and advocacy contacts with public officials and the media.